What kinda career switch is this?

What? He recorded a CD? Best of all, it comes with money-back guarantee

If you’re intrigued with the blurb on the right side of Newsthinking’s March 11 home page devoted to promoting my CD, here’s the explanation. It grew out of some demo songs I recorded at home and then re-recorded with studio cats in Nashville. You can read the whole story in the New York Times.

The Newsthinking blurb will also take you to my MySpace page , which has 6 of the tracks and the CD’s liner notes.

To hear all the songs, click here.

To read my essay on the links between songwriting and newswriting published on the Poynter website April 23, click here.

I’ll gladly buy back the CD if you’re disappointed. If you love the outlandish, the neurotic, the heart-felt…if you like alt-country or rock ‘n’ roll, this one’s for you.

baker-lowexpectationsWHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING

Translated from a Dutch alt-country website:

The 58-year old Bob Baker gives up his job as an editor with the Los Angeles Times, puts together a music demo at home and travels to Nashville twice to record his songs with the help of studio musicians. When the CD is finished, he writes an interesting article for the New York Times about the making of “Low Expectations” (self-released). To summarize: The pros dedicate a few sessions to Baker’s songs, who initially fears losing control of his work, but soon starts to realize that they are taking advantage of opportunities that he himself had not yet seen. The singing process is a dramatic experience for Baker, but after some cutting and pasting in the mixing room, the songs are finally ready. Baker’s doubts don’t disappear until he listens to the songs on his car stereo while cruising through his own neighborhood. And what does he hear? A successful recording that defines his style as a rocker similar to Dave Edmunds or Dan Baird. In a way, it’s a little disconcerting that professional studio cats can so easily crank out a fun rock record. But of course that has everything to do with Baker’s writing, who knows that rock ‘n roll is all about nonsense with a serious twist. This results in songs such as “Handicapped,” about a young man who requests a handicapped parking permit for a broken heart. Or the Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis-inspired “I Got an E-mail from a Female,” where the protagonist tries something with a minor girl.

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