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A perfect game and an imperfect relationship

Dear readers of Newsthinking,

I thought I’d use the site to recommend good stuff, stuff that print journalism has to do more of if it expects people to continue subscribing. We’ve got to recognize that this is becoming an artistic performance test: Can print offer enough surprises, enough goodies that lead a reader to say: Hey, I never thought about that? With that, two recommendations today:

Poignant New York Times story on bowler who dies immediately after throwing his first perfect 300 game. Watch how judicious the writer is about not larding the story up with quotes. He used his own voice. And wrote a great small-town-America piece. Paste address into your browser:

 Recommended reading

Recommended reading

Three-parter in Los Angeles Times about a weird romantic relationship between Aryan Brotherhood prison inmate and his sister-in-law/lawyer. Very long but worth getting lost in it.

Part 1,0,2664112.story

Part 2,0,4270960.story

Part 3,0,5843828.story

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