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Written by an experienced editor and reporter, Newsthinking’s unique approach to writing and real-world newsroom flavor combine to offer readers an exciting way to improve their newswriting. This book uses a brisk, conversational style to teach readers how to develop an individualized, more sophisticated organization routine for beginning the writing process. It is uniquely devoted to the writer’s mental organization-the moments between the last scrawl in the reporter’s notebook and the first stroke at the keyboard. Newsthinking brings years of experience and insight to readers and provides practical strategies for crafting great journalism. For beginning journalists, or anyone interested in improving their writing techniques.

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“Low Expectations” by Bob Baker

In 2006-2007, Bob traveled to Nashville and worked with professional studio musicians to create “Low Expectations,” a rockabilly-style album that echoes Dave Edmunds and other greats of the genre. Incredible production and catchy songwriting, “Low Expectations” is a must-have for any distinguished music library.


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